PRP for Hair

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) might be helpful for men and women with thinning of their hair, alopecia and various forms of baldness.

Seplhyl/PRP injections are created using the patients’ own blood which is spun down and combined with Selphyl,a natural filler that when combined with PRP will stimulate collagen production and cell proliferation in treated areas, resulting in natural growth of hair.

The Selphyl® injections will be scheduled for three consecutive months, during which patients typically experience about 18% to 20% increase in hair density in the treated area(s).

By the end of the first year, most patients can expect to see a 38% increase in the density of hair in treated areas.

Full, natural looking hair will continue to grow from rejuvenated, healthy cells as a result of the Selphyl®/PRP injections.

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