Our Practice

At VIP Plastic Surgery, we are proud of our beautiful clinic and our state of the art surgical facility. We have chosen our personnel, office procedures, and medical equipment with much thought and care in order to provide quality medical services in a pleasant, efficient, and friendly atmosphere.

Our clinic is equipped with not only an inter-clinic computer networking system that allows our staff to serve patients in an efficient way but also a Digital Computer Imaging System which enables Dr. Choi to show patients before and after comparative images.

Our surgical facility, VIP Plastic Surgery Center, is a distinct and separate organization that operates exclusively for the purpose of providing outpatient surgical services and is licensed by the Department of Health Services of California State. The goals of our surgical facility are:

  • To deliver and maintain the highest quality of cost-effective care to patients
  • To provide for the safety and welfare of patients and staff
  • To develop policies and procedures that will result in accreditation by the State of California
  • To periodically evaluate methods so as to improve services offered to the community

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