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I had trouble with seeing out of my eyes clearly due to being born with a small field of vision as an Asian male and my eyelashes were curved inward and would often cause scratches on my cornea. I decided that I had to broaden the scope of my vision and consulted with various ophthalmologists who provided recommendations for cosmetic Asian eyelid surgery. I found Dr. Choi after a thorough search and couldn’t be happier with both my choice and the end result.
Dr. Choi gave me an excellent consultation that not only clearly laid out the pros and cons of the surgical procedure but also gave me sufficient information to help guide me but not make the critical decision for myself. I really appreciated his demeanor, professionalism, poise and discretion during the pre-surgery talk. In the end, my eyes are free from self-injuring eyelashes, I have a wider field of vision and the results speak for themselves: Dr. Choi has fantastic surgical skills in Asian Eyelid surgery.


Dr. Choi did an amazing job on my double eyelids. I got my surgery about a week ago and the swelling went down a lot faster due to good instructions from the front desk staff/nurses. The office staff was very nice and super friendly and very reassuring about Dr. Choi’s work. Along with fixing double eyelids, Dr. Choi was able to fix my slight ptosis and now my eyes are even with my ptosis fixed. Right after my surgery as I was wheeled out of the operating room, Dr. Choi looked at my eyelids and said that it was one of his best works. It’s only been a couple minutes and by the way he could already tell that my eyelids were going to turn out well gave me much reassurance and put me at ease. My eyes are still a little swollen but as time goes as the doctor said, it will go down as long as use the hotpacks and rest my eyes a little more than usual.


Dr. Choi performed my double eyelid surgery approximately 7-8 weeks ago and I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Choi was actually the 3rd doctor I consulted with prior to actually going through with the surgery. The first 2 doctors I had met with had said I had ptosis (the appearance of lazy eyes due to weak muscle tissue). *Note: Both consultations with both doctors were not very good experiences. They both were unwilling to give me detailed explanations about the procedure and seemed agitated by any questions I would ask. Meeting Dr. Choi was a God sent. He was so helpful and accommodating with my questions and needs. During our consultation he had advised me that I did not have ptosis after all and if I had moved forward with the other surgeons for ptosis repair, it would have been more harmful for me. (So I am VERY thankful to Dr. Choi for his honesty and his experienced background in his profession) I have met with Dr. Choi a handful of times now for post-op and he still provides the same professional service from day one. He and his team have made this experience for me very easy for me and I highly recommend him to others.


Amazing surgical skills, highly recommend. I am very happy with my results.


Dr. Choi is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He is an intelligent, caring and skillful person. He immediately knew the problem the moment I stepped into his office. I didn’t have to say much other than my health history. Before the procedure, he assured me that I will not experience any pain and that it will be over before I know it. Although he did mention that there will be some level of discomfort associated with anesthetic-needle injection, he reassured me again that it will be only for a brief period of time, which was true. Also instead of creating a new scar, he carefully made an incision on the existing small scar. After a month, the scar is barely noticeable. Overall, he is an amazing doctor. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who have similar problem.


I decided to go with Dr. Choi after getting multiple consultation from different doctors, some of them tried to push me to get something that I wasn’t thinking about getting, some doctor wanted to charge me $100 for a consultation! But Dr. Choi saw me twice with no charge, he was very nice and took his time to explain everything.


Compared to the other healing photos I’ve seen, Dr. Choi’s incisions were clean and nicely done so the healing was very quick with minimal bruising and scarring. He was also a perfectionist so that when I went back to have the stitches removed, he refined/restitched the epicanthoplasty was was uneven on my right eye so it took another 5 days, but my eyes are super even! It’s only been 2 weeks but all I’m waiting for now is for the swelling to continue to go down. The stitches he used were very fine and he placed them in skillfully so there is no scarring from those either. I would totally recommend!


Dr. Choi performed my upper eyelid surgery a little less than one year ago. I cannot express how happy I am with the results! I wanted to still maintain the “asian look” of my eyes, so I wanted it to look natural. Dr. Choi is amazing – he is so adept at what he does and he is the nicest doctor I could have asked for. I highly recommend him.


Even though I had skinny figure, there was always stubborn fat under my chin just like Mom, I think it’s like genetic? Anyway, Dr. Choi recommended Kybella to me and I had 3 sessions 4 weeks apart. My first injection experience was throbbing pain after the treatment. It lasted the whole night and got little better the next day. It started to swell the triple size than before, and I felt numbness after 3-4 day and the swelling lasted about 10 days. From the 2nd injection, pain and the swelling were lot less than before and even after the 3rd injection, it got lot less. Dr. Choi took photos of me exactly 1 month after the 3rd injection and the result was amazing. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends who is willing to take the healing process as I experienced. Ok, this was back in 2018, which was 5 years ago. I am maintaining almost same result but with little bit of sagging skin under the chin due to aging. Now I am on another journey of lifting treatment and the story will continue soon so stay tuned for the update!
Many Thanks to Dr. Choi for everything he has done for me to maintaining my youth and beauty!


Dr. Andrew Choi is my favorite doctor. His pleasant, caring and professionalism make me feel very comfortable and have confidence in this doctor. I especially like the fact that he is specialized in neck up area means “Face”. He knows this area very well. If I would ever need any face lift or some plastic surgery, he would be the one to go. I hope more people will discover this skilful and wonderful doctor and beautified by him. He loves to make people beautiful and is proud of his work. Keep up the good job, Dr. Choi!

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