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Endoscopic brow lift surgery is a time-tested method for rejuvenating the upper third of your face.

A Patient who has narrow or normal forehead, is a good candidate for this procedure.
A general anesthesia or IV sedation anesthesia is administered so patients are comfortable throughout the procedure. Five small incisions are made at the crown of head or at the hair line. All the tissues of the forehead are loosened and then pulled upward and backward so that it raises the eyebrow and smoothed out the forehead. An endoscope is inserted through the incisions, which allows the surgeon to see the treatment area on a television screen.

70% to 85% of patients are usually good candidate for this procedure.

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Average recovery time: 2-4 weeks
Average procedure time: 2- 2 1/2 hours

Trichophytic(Hairline) brow lift is a procedure performed on patients who has a high or long forehead. For this type of patient, it is a good procedure.

This approach places the incision lines just behind the hairline which can maintain or lower the hair line. These incisions are typically long, yet still hidden by the patient’s hair. This technique repositions the eyebrows by pulling them up to offer an alert and revitalized appearance. This particular approach does offer dramatic results and in most cases actually lower the hairline. Incision is made such a way, hair can grow through the incision line, so scar will be invisible.

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Aver recovery time: 2-3 weeks
Average procedure time: 2 hours

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