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Welcome to our blog! Within this regularly updated feature of our website, We will provide visitors with practice news and specials, as well as information regarding the most recent technological advances and new treatments in cosmetic surgery. We believe that patient education and open communication with your doctor are the keys to achieving healthy, aesthetically-pleasing… Read More »

How do you fix a sagging corner of mouth?

Permanent frown of upper lip One of aging change of upper lip is permanent frown of upper lip. Permanent frown of upper lip describes upside down of corner of mouth. The cause of this condition is due to hyper active function of depressor Anguli Oris (DAO). As we get older, this muscle become hyperactive and… Read More »

Is Eyelid Surgery for You? 5 Tips to Help You Decide.

1. Always Strive for Facial Harmony Asian eyelid surgery will make an individual look more attractive, but only if there is balance between one’s eyes & face. A common feature among Asian patients is a wide face – an attribute that may not be facially harmonious with only an eyelid procedure. In these cases, facial… Read More »

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