Forehead Augmentation

Forehead Augmentation
A forehead augmentation is the surgical procedure for enhancing the shape and volume of the forehead via fat graft or implant. This surgery not only contour your forehead but also your overall face considering facial line from forehead, cheekbone, nose to chin in order to provide a youth appearance. In some cases, the procedure has the ability to make the entire face look smaller and prettier since wrinkles and other surface imperfections are also removed when volume is added to the forehead.

There are three types of forehead augmentation techniques – transplantation of fat, insertion of custom designed Gore-tex implant.

Incise scalp (2-3cm behind hair line) and expose, skin soft tissue and periosteum in order to secure the space for implant, sterilized Gore-tex implant then insert it over forehead and the incision line can be closed meticulously to make the scar invisible and cover with compressive bandage.

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Recovery time: 2-3 weeks
Average procedure time: 2hours

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