Dr. Choi,

Thank you so much for making me look better and more "refreshed".
You and your staff are all so kind and patient. When I'm all healed, i know i will be extremely happy with the results. Again, Thank you!

Ms. T. K.

Dr. Andrew Choi is my favorite doctor. His pleasant, caring and professionalism make me feel very comfortable and have confidence in this doctor. I especially like the fact that he is specialized in neck up area means “Face”. He knows this area very well. If I would ever need any face lift or some plastic surgery, he would be the one to go. I hope more people will discover this skilful and wonderful doctor and beautified by him. He loves to make people beautiful and is proud of his work.

Keep up the good job, Dr. Choi!

Ms. C

"Dr. Choi was an excellent surgeon. He had been highly recommended from different sites that I visited while I was researching. The result turned out to be very natural, and I am very happy. I would recommend VIP Surgery to anyone."

- M. Lee


"I have been a happily satisfied client of Dr. Choi for 20 years! I completely trust his expertise, knowledge, and judgement. He takes an active interest in and keeps up with all the latest treatments and techniques and gives knowledgable and honest opinions. He also puts an emphasis on making me look natural, which I appreciate. So many doctors perform procedures without their clients' best interest in mind. But not Dr. Choi. He will tell you not to do something when he feels it is not necessary. His office is also fantastic. They are professional and treat you like family. I feel confident with the whole office. I recommend Dr. Choi wholeheartedly!"

- J


Dear Dr. Choi and Staff,
I was really afraid of getting the eyelid surgery until I stepped into your office. Dr. Choi, you were always very thoughtful and caring, and never patronizing. You all helped me feel so relaxed and comfortable that it was easy to make a decision to get the surgery. Now I am very happy that my eyes look very pretty and natural. Thank you so much for everything! You are the best!

- Miss L.


Dear Dr. Choi,
Thank you so much for recommending the chin augmentation with my nose surgery. All my friends are complementing me about how balanced my face looks after the chin and nose surgery . I am so glad that I listened to you about having my both chin and nose done during the consultation. Thank you Dr. Choi!

Kind Regards,
- Ms. S.


Dear Dr. Choi,
I used to hide my breasts by wearing a baggy shirt or padded bra. But now I just look great with any clothes on! Also I am not afraid to wear any kind of clothing, even tight shirts. I am extremely satisfied with the result of my breast augmentation. All of this is because of you, Dr. Choi. Thank you very very much.

Sincerely yours,
-Ms. K.


Dear Dr. Choi,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you so generously gave me when you removed my brown spots. My skin is almost completely healed and it looks wonderful! It was a pleasure meeting you, and thank you again.

Best Wishes,
- M. Jung


Dear Dr. Choi,
Thank you so much for all your help. I hope I wasn’t too much bother. Due to your prescription, my eyes have healed a lot. I am so relieved that I am healing.

- D. Kim

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